The Products

PERT develops and manufactures systems for technical training with emphasis in electrical engineering. PERT designs its own training systems, some of which are licensed to a top Taiwanese company for production and distribution throughout the world. Products can be customised to specific requirements. Training material covers all fields, from hand tools to nuclear power management.

The Agencies

PERT also has a number of agencies from throughout the world, representing a cross section of manufacturers, each a leader in its field:

The Services

Training consultancy forms an integral part of PERT's activities. Its Managing Director was on more than one occasion appointed Procurement Consultant to the World Bank for various educational projects. A PERT expert can evaluate your training needs and offer a comprehensive solution, tailored to your precise requirements.

The Clients

PERT has a large customer base:

The Logo

Can you see the link between PERT's full name and its logo? Hint: look at the initials.

Contact Details

Email address:

Postal Address: P O Box 9766, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

Telephone: (+2711) 882 1435, Fax: (+2711) 882 1453


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